My Life These Past Few Weeks

Hello my dear friends and readers! Before I say anything else, I would like to apologize for being absent from wordpress these past few weeks. So much has happened, I don’t know where to begin from. Here are the topics that I can talk about in my post: wedding planning, looking for a job, finding a job, some more planning, phone getting lost and stolen, etc. etc.

As some of you may know, I have met the love of my life when I was still in college. Of course, we started off as friends, then slowly realized that we had feelings for each other. We became engaged two years ago. Timing never worked in our favor though. I was still a full time student in law school, and he was a full time student in medical school. To make things even more complicated, his school was in Caribbean Islands on the island of Grenada. Neither one of us worked, therefore wedding was out of the question.

Now that one of us is finally done with school, however, we decided that next Spring  is a good time to get married. If we don’t do it then, we will not have any better and more convenient time to do it.  So we finally set a date—April 26, 2015! I am so beyond excited and happy about it, yet it feels bittersweet. In any case, one of the major reasons why I was absent from my blog was because I was busy with wedding planning.

Now, onto more real life events. As I am out of school, I needed a job to support myself and start saving some amount for after my wedding. I found a job, but it pays so little that I don’t know how I will pay off anything at this point. I am looking for another part time position to make up for some of the lost balance from the first job. However, on a brighter note, I love my job! Every day I wait impatiently until I get to the office.

Ok, I don’t want this post to be long, so I am going to end on this note, and save some of my rants for next time. Until my next post!


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Running to Fate

***NOTE: This is just a small piece to get my creative juices flowing. I have not written in a while that I don’t know how to continue my book at this point, so I am writing whatever comes to mind right now. Hope you enjoy it.***

Our ship was seized. The pirates were lording over us. There was no us, however. There was just me now.  They killed all of my crew. All of them dead because of me.  If I just listened to my father, if I just married as he wanted me to, this would not have happened. Marriage to him though? If it was anyone else, I would not think twice, I would not defy my father and dishonor my family name like that. But to marry my sworn enemy? To marry the person who murdered my brother? Never. I don’t know what my father was thinking, what type of deal he had, but he was willing to sacrifice me to achieve his goal.

I just could not go through with that. I could not sell my soul to the devil, even for the name of my family. I rather kill myself than give in to that murderous bastard. So I ran. I went to the docks and ordered one of my father’s ships to be readied. I grew up with the people working at the docks. Sometimes they listened to me more than my father. I never pretended to be above them. I think they respect me, at least I hope they do. There were five of them, and I knew each one by name and knew their families as well. It was unthinkable that a lady of my statute would travel by herself. So they came with me. Now they are dead. The pirates who attacked us had a singular purpose, to just kill. They did not loot or raid our ship, but they came straight for our lives. Now I was the only one left alive.

I was staring at the faces of the pirates who just destroyed so many lives. I was looking at them, but not seeing them. Suddenly the crowd of pirates parted, and a very imposing man walked toward me. He was tall, and had a full beard. He looked like he had not bathed for at least a week. He came up to me and just started at me. “This is what he is fighting for? Her?” I did not understand what he was talking about. I had no idea who he was talking about. “I have money. My father will pay anything you want, just please let me go.” The pirates laughed at my misery, they were enjoying my tears. “You are right, m’lady, I should let you go.” I took a deep breath because there was hope for me. He was considering letting me go free. “In fact, why don’t I let you go now? Boys! Escort this lady off the boat please.” What do they mean off the boat? Three men came toward me, grabbed me from my hand and legs without any warning. Before I realized what was going on, they threw me in the water. Icy, cold water filled my lungs, and my body almost went into shock from the unexpected assault of water.


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Guest Post by Topaz Winters

There are stories whispered about the old mausoleum.

There are tales passed from ear to eager ear until they become smooth and warm from the many voices they have held in their grasp. There are legends whispered in the not-quite-darkness of a night teetering into the brink of groggy dawn. When sleep evades you, think of the mausoleum, they say. Think of the volatile beauty tethered to the yawning tees; of the exquisite darkness tucked just around the corner of the path where the last faded footprint dared to tread.

The night lives in the mausoleum, they say. When the birds roost, when the moon glistens, when the stars glare down from a distant sky, the hour of darkness arises. Do not venture from behind locked doors, they say, for this is the night’s territory. They say he plucks shreds of sleep from the air, pacing and clawing out of the cage of skin that perpetually surrounds a soul he has no need for. They say he is the song raging fierce and unfathomable in the deepest folds of your being. They say he is the past, littered with half-forgotten mistakes and the treacherous daydreams of words always balanced on the tip of your tongue. They say he is the pockets of silence that mean everything and nothing. They say that he is capable of morphing into your wildest dreams – and that he much prefers the taste of nightmares.

There are stories whispered about the old mausoleum, of the shadows with no form behind them that perpetually lurk in the spaces between heartbeats. Beware, they whisper. Beware the night and his castle, the cracked cobblestones, the trees sighing unheard warnings to the wind – for sleep is not the only thing that the night can luck from the air. When the wind howls, when the stars glare, beware a man with no soul who sits forevermore, trapped amongst the nightmares of his prey. Beware a figure that reigns from a crumbling stone mausoleum until the pink rays of the new born sun banish him to the ground once more.


***Thank you to Topaz Winters for this wonderful guest post. Please visit her page here and let her know what you thought of her piece.


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Survived My Exam, Time to Live Again

I woke up without an alarm clock this morning, and it feels incredible. I am joining the living once again, and I am ready to live! I know, I know, it was a dramatic statement, but really, that’s how I feel. Yesterday was my last day of my three day exam. It was not pretty. From what I heard a few people passed out while taking the exam, one of them had to be carried out on the stretcher, and multiple vomit splatters. There was also a really bad odor in the entire exam hall because students did not have time to go to bathroom to take care of their…uhm… “private needs.” ;) Needless to say I am beyond happy and excited to finally be done with it, I feel like I went to a battle and came back in one piece.Tame birds sing about freedom. Wild birds fly.

Ok, now onto more interesting topics. How have you been doing my blogger community? I have missed every single one of you. Thank you still visiting my site, even though it was completely death for the past two months. I really could not wait until I woke up this morning and wrote my first post on my blog. This to me signals freedom. Anything new with you my friends? I’d like to hear about some great book deals, or achievements, or this amazing luck that just fell on your lap.

Me? I don’t have anything new yet. Today is the day I go and get myself some “Miss Congeniality” makeover. I don’t think I should subject other people to my presence right now with the way I look lol. Aside from the major makeover needs, I am starting to work on my book again. I really hope I can finish it before November, so that I can start my second book in November during NaNoWriMo contest.

I am trying a new plan this time around, which is not to make plans, and let things take their course. I have had such a scheduled life for the past seven years that I am tired of it. I intend to be spontaneous. Let’s see how long it lasts. Ok, I am going to finish my chit chat now, and go have my first workout in over two months. Color me excited! Let me know how you have been, and what plans you have for the rest of the summer?


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Goodbye For Now

Dear friends,

I am in the middle of studying for my Bar exam in order to be able to work as an attorney. I have only 47 days left until I have to go into the exam room, and let the State Bar of California fry my brains for three days. I really don’t want to go through this again, and it is my goal to study, take the test and pass the first time. I think I would rather cut my own nose off than study for it all over again (I would hate to do this as well).

Anyways, the purpose of my post is to bid you goodbye for now. I am not permanently leaving my blog. It’s still going to be here, but I have to refrain from posting, and concentrate all my efforts on studying. I will be done with my exam on July 30. So expect my first post on August 1st. This is a hard decision to make, but I am running short on time, and I need to prioritize.

None of my plans have changed as far as my books go. When I was speaking about completing my novel, I knew that I was not going to write much during this time period. My first book will be published sometimes in Fall of 2014, either through a Publisher or self-publishing. I really hope you won’t abandon my blog and will remember me once I come back.

Until then, I wish you all the best, many book sales, and lots of great ideas.

See you soon bloggers!



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I Signed Up for NaNoWriMo!

Commentary_nanowrimoI signed up to participate in NaNoWriMo contest for November and write my second book of Taste of Desire trilogy. Hoping my first one will be done by then. Who else is going to participate in November?


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How Do You Feel About Killing Off Characters In Your Book/Story?

For as long as I can remember reading books, one aspect never stopped annoying me—authors killing major or semi-major characters. Just when I start feeling for the character, or establish a connection with the character, the writer would up and kill that character as he/she pleased. I would be angry and upset, and annoyed all at the same time. I mean if you were going to kill them off, why put them in the story in the first place?killing

Now, however, as I am working on my own book, I find myself at odds. I am in a place where I think killing a certain character or characters would serve my story well. I think I am going to do it. Although I have to tell you it is incredibly hard for me to take this step. I never thought that when I started writing and developing my characters, I would see them as actual alive beings rather than fictional characters in a story. My heart aches for the kind soul who has to bite the dust, alas, it must be done.  I hope my future readers will not be as annoyed with me as I was with the other authors who committed this sin.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Have you killed any of the major/semi major characters in your story?


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I Gift You With Writing Topics!

Do you have days when you wake up in the morning, and you want to post something on your blog, but don’t know what? Then you spend time thinking about different topics, browsing the internet hoping to find something interesting to write about, or my personal favorite, take a shower and think about it all over again.

I decided to give you some writing prompts and topics. Go ahead and use the topics to create your own post.

Topic 1: Write a letter to yourself five years ago. (let your imagination soar with this one, this can be a great post)

Topic 2: If you had the power to change things around in the world, whether past events or current, for only 2 things, what would you change and why? (think big or small. You are in charge of the world)

Topic 3: She came home from work. Very tired, very hungry. Staying up and finishing the project for her work all night last night was difficult. Finally she is home. She lives alone. All the lights of her apartment are off as she left them, but she can hear whispers in the darkness….(create your own story! It can be any genre, any length, short story, long one, flash fiction, whatever you want. This is just a prompt to get you to write.)

Let me know if you liked this idea, and if you intend to use any of topics.


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Why My Blog is No Different from Yours

Mariam Tsaturyan:

This is a post by one of my favorite bloggers on here. I can always count on getting true and honest viewpoints from him. He is not politically correct, but I love that he is not afraid to express his opinions. Here are some of his words of wisdom for bloggers out there

Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy:

I don’t work for WordPress. I have seen some comments speculating that I do… which I find amusing since if I did indeed work for WordPress I probably wouldn’t be blogging so much would I? I think it is people trying to find an “excuse” for why other people are successful. I read a long string of reasons why they feel their own website isn’t worth reading so I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast some of the more popular ones.

My website is plain and I don’t even own my domain. No one would want to visit my blog.” The only think I paid for was my domain. I still use a FREE template and all customizations done on this website were done by me. It took time and effort, but it was worth learning “how.” You can use excuses all day to explain why people…

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Suspicious Encounters

Are you a suspicious person by nature? I am not. I am not even the scared kind, which I guess is not a good thing. Point being, I’ll take a walk by myself at night, or go for a run. Sometimes it annoys me when people are afraid of the shadows or think everyone is out to get them. This morning, however, something happened that blew my convictions away. I have come to realize that I am not as immune to the “suspicious” gene as I thought I was.

fearI have a two month old husky, and if you know huskies, you know they need a lot of exercise. So this morning around seven o’clock, I took my puppy out for a walk/run by the park that’s right across from my house. While there, I met a man, who was also there with his dogs. Our puppies played together for a while, then we started talking. I usually don’t mind striking a conversation with strangers, and I have made good connections that way. Something about the conversation with this man did not sit well with me. He was probably in his late thirties, early forties. At first the conversation was all about the dogs, “how old is he”, “how much do you have to exercise him”, ” how much he eats” etc.

Then out of nowhere he asked me where I live. I pointed in the general direction of my house, and said “there”. Few minutes later, he asked me if I have a key? I was confused for a second because I didn’t know what he meant by that. “What key?” “A key to your house” he said. I don’t know why he asked this, or why I felt alarmed, but I did not feel safe at the moment, so I lied and said that my husband’s at home, so I don’t need a key. (I am engaged, not married yet, but I thought if he was in some weird way trying to “hit” on me, then the idea of marriage should hold him back”). As I was trying to get my puppy so we could go home, he asked me if I will bring my puppy to play tomorrow. I did not answer his question, just made some excuse and went home quickly.

Has something like this happened to you before when you felt alarmed for no good reason? Do you think I overreacted? Let me know your thoughts.


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